Online Gamblers Guide to Gambling, Betting, Casinos, and Games

Why did we believe you needed an online gamblers guide? What is not obvious? Do you think you know all you need to know? We urge you to browse the website and simply confirm you know what the state of play is when you deposit money at an online casino, poker room, or sports betting site.

Online Gamblers Guide versus Traditional Casinos/Betting Facilities

Let’s face it, you go to your favourite casino and they have a load of offers. Free drinks, rewards like free overnight accommodation, PLUS you get the excitement of bells ringing, people cheering, and dreams of winning. The online gamblers world is different. A webmaster created the casino. The software is usually bought from a mainstream software supplier. The banking plugins are similar to other similar websites. The games are similar. The support staff know the same things. The only difference is the address you type in on your computer or mobile device. How do these online entities compete? How do they go about impressing you? We discuss this and other items relevant to online gambling and even gambling in general.

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The Covid19 Effect and Online Gamblers

March 2020 arrived with the news that a dread disease was making the rounds. South African Gamblers faced the news that the country would be locked down. A national stay-at-home aside from workers in the health care sector. This meant a boom time for the online casinos. Sports betting all but died off because sporting events were cancelled. Even the 2020 Olympics were called off!

This was a very dangerous time for online gamblers though. Online gambling has pitfalls that the normal casino goer cannot have foreseen. It is VERY important to know that no world exists where a casino owner is willingly giving you cash to withdraw and to go and spend. Those bonuses have rules attached to them. That free cash has a cashout limit attached to it.

So, now that you know there are rules, what are the other pitfalls?

There are more but these are psychological and apply to all situations. In the comfort of your home you could indeed get drunk and suddenly spend your entire fortune in one evening. You could play a game and do so in a way that breaks the rules of a bonus you took and lose out when you win a fortune. The online world is different BUT it has the same roots. You are gambling to win but the odds always favour the casino!

I am South African – What are the rules?

As things stand, you can gamble online at entities licensed by a South African licensing authority. So, even if an online casino offers play in South African Rands, it would be illegal to play there if they are not licensed in South Africa. Even more important, if you were to play at a casino in another currency you would effectively be contravening exchange control rules. Not a good idea. Sadly though, few South African Online Casinos are licensed locally. We suggest you leave this site if you are based in South Africa and want to gamble at an illegal online casino.

How on earth do I stop my kids from playing online?

You have a small problem to be sure but your child will quickly learn that depositing money is one thing but withdrawing it is another. These casinos do due diligence on cash out requests. ID Book copies, even phone calls to confirm details.