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Online Casino Reviews – Casinos offering SA Rands

Online Casino Reviews of Casinos offering play in SA Rands

What’s up with casino reviews? Have you begun to wonder why you need reviews at all? After all, the casino is a mere click away with your mouse. We actually encourage our readers to go through the casino website before playing anyway. Online Casinos update their games and the bonus offers far too often for you to rely on our reviews for those type of facts anyway. You’re here to simply find out if you are dealing with a casino with a good track record. An online casino you can trust.

Reviews of Online Casinos help you Choose

Some online casinos are trustworthy, others are not. Yes, a bad casino will still pay out winners but they will create a load of rules that are way too easy to break. You file a claim and they point out that you did this or you did that and then they simply clam up, smug that they beat you. We choose casinos that are in it for the long haul. Far too many casino reviewers go hunting for the new casino. Sure, there are rewards. New online casinos often offer better bonuses and other incentives for you to play there. We try to do homework on these casinos, searching for experienced owners, history with other casinos, and so forth. If a casino is too much of a mystery then we apologise, we won’t recommend them.

Reviews of Casinos offering SA Rand currency

A great many casinos exist in the online world. Thousands actually. The real issue is that most offer play in Dollars, Euros, or Pounds… That is unfamiliar turf for many of us. A bet for $5 actually means a bet for R75 or so. That is serious stuff, and that is actually not a normal pattern for most of us (excluding the big punters of course). So, a familiar currency helps keep us on track and in control.

The law does of course state that you can only play at a South African licensed casino. Those are extremely rare. Please don’t break the law. More importantly though, playing in a foreign currency does contravene exchange control laws. That is pretty heavy stuff.

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